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South Florida Museum Wedding | Maria + Jared

I am often asked if I have a favorite wedding and to be honest, I don’t. Let me explain…it’s not ever about the decor details or the gorgeous landscapes I’ve traveled to capture for couples. Rather, always, it’s how strong a connection with the people that allow me into their lives to curate their stories. Some have become life long friends, others we may not frequently exchange words but when actually spoken (or typed), love and gratitude is shared affectionately.

One of those couples are Maria and Jared.

They exchanged wedding vows in at the South Florida Museum courtyard under market lights strung above their heads that boasted of romantic ambiance once the sun went down. All eyes were on Jared as each and every guest’s hearts were taken by the way Jared looked at Maria. He couldn’t even contain his kisses during the ceremony as he brought Maria’s hands to his lips and snuck in a few.

Happy tears flowed freely from guest to guest throughout the ceremony. Outbursts of these during the best man alongside the maid of honor speeches, and during the couples’ first dance. Being careful not to disturb any of these moments, I discreetly took photos from afar with my longest lens. My own tears streaming down from behind the camera. I put my camera down for a minute to wipe the mascara stains off my cheeks and it was at that moment Jared looked in my direction. I laughed out loud with a huge smile, shaking my head at how silly I thought they may think I was. Later, Jared and Maria hug me with the most sincerest thanks that I teared up again. What affected me so much is that they made me feel a part of today as though I was family without having to say much at all. I remember them glancing at me together, almost like they were silently saying, “did you eat?”, “how are you doing?”, “we are so happy”,  and “thank you!”.

They danced the night away rarely leaving each other’s side, relishing every moment of their wedding day. As did I,  I wish I could put days like these on repeat.



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