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5 Tips for  Natural Wedding Photos

5 tips for Natural Wedding Photos. Afraid of facing the camera on your wedding day? You’re not the only one! Very few of us live with a professional photographer chronicling our every moment. It would be quite odd if you felt completely at ease with it right from the start! Here are some insights I’ve gathered over the years for natural wedding photos.

Show Affection

Now, here’s the key: achieving wonderful, effortlessly candid photos on your big day is far less challenging than you might imagine.

Have your wedding photos tell the story of your life together as a couple. Don’t be afraid to kiss each other, snuggle, and pull each other close. A photographer’s prompts give you a starting point, settle in those romantic moments for your photographer to capture.

Natural Wedding Photos

Laugh gently

Laughing relaxes your body and softens your facial expressions. These playful nuances give life to your imagery especially when the energy becomes an exchange. Capturing joyful moments should be the essence of your wedding photos.

Natural Wedding Photos

Pretend you’re taking a video.

To achieve natural-looking photos, create a relaxed and effortless atmosphere. Gently sway together in a pose, letting your movements flow organically, avoiding stiffness. Pretend it’s a video shoot, allowing yourself to be in the moment, and letting your story unfold naturally. Embrace the ‘between’ moments – those fleeting glances, heartfelt laughs, and tender exchanges – as they hold the essence of your connection. These are the instances that yield the most stunning and authentic images.

Natural Wedding Photos


It’s an awkward feeling to not know what to do with your hands, especially in photos.  Ensure your hands are always connected with something or each other, as this small detail creates a more natural and relaxed photograph.  For example, a groom can casually fidget with the button of his tux while the other hand rests in his pocket. Likewise, a bride can delicately place her hand over her wrist, adding a touch of elegance to her bridal portrait.

Natural Wedding Photos

Trust your Photographer

Lastly, the true secret to capturing natural-looking wedding photos lies in placing your trust wholeheartedly in your photographer. When you have faith in their expertise and vision, you can relax, be yourself, and let the magic of the moment unfold naturally. This trust enables the photographer to capture genuine emotions, candid interactions, and the essence of your love story, resulting in timeless images that reflect the true spirit of your special day.

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Lyn Larson is a Premier Commercial + International Wedding Photographer based in Central Florida. Her work has been featured in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar + The Knot Magazines. Her clients range from local wedding couples to National Brands like Tedx and Birdie Grey.

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