"You have 7 seconds to make a first impression". -Forbes

Natural + Modern


Boosting confidence is our superpower.

There's a difference in looking your best vs. feeling your best. A successful headshot starts with feeling comfortable and confident.

Do you hate getting pictures taken?

Truth Talk

Finding the right photographer can be HARD!

  • I'm not photogenic.
  • My current headshot is 5 years old.
  • I've never had a professional photo taken.
  • My current headshot doesn't look like me.
  • I don't like the fake studio look.
  • I feel judged when getting my photo taken.

if this sounds familiar...

Let me know

A headshot is the EASIEST  way to get IN FRONT of your dream clients!

Being a photographer and business owner for 18 years, I've learned and lived this truth:

The whole point of your headshot is NOT to appear perfect. 

Read that again.

The sole PURPOSE of a headshot is to get in front of your dream client and build relationships!

I know how frustrating this is because I feel the same way!

Let's level up your first impression.

Professional headshots CAN be natural and fun. 

And I want that for you!

Building others up and supporting their passions is what makes my approach to photographing people the foundation to  delivering headshots clients LOVE.

It's not just about getting
the shot.

drumroll please

Choosing one can be hard, but choose the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Professional Photographer

An overly photoshopped or filtered headshot is a turn-off. A headshot can be well done without looking fake.

Honest portraits

Words on a business card isn't enough. A website with only words lose attention. Your headshot is a powerful tool, especially for attracting a following in social media.

attract a following

People trust who they know. The power of having a professional image people can connect to, speaks to your success.


Become a familiar face and show people why you're the best person for the job.

increase AWARENESS

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Start with the best version of your self.

make a first impression

...and how you can get the best headshot near you

Why headshots are important

Take a look...

Clients are guided through the process in preparing for a headshot session every step of the way.

Professional Makeup is offered on site at our studio to help elevate your look. Our clients love to  Indulge in getting pampered before their photoshoot!

Enjoy a casual + relaxed session with Lyn Larson. Some take 15 minutes; others can take an hour. We take the time to break the ice and bring out real expressions. We DO NOT run a mill of people just to get "the shot".

Headshot Images are retouched and delivered within 7 business days.

Modern + Natural Headshots

What's it like to have a headshot with MAHAL IMAGERY?

great expectations realty


Grateful table

Ummm r u kidding?? I cannot decide!!! They are perfect! You are the best! Love, Love.

I personally loath having my picture taken. Lyn is professional, considerate and understanding of everyones personal needs. I love her sweet disposition which always brings a smile. She is fantastic! Look at her work!

It was a pleasure in working with Lyn for new headshots! It is so difficult to choose between them. She is a fantastic photographer!

Headshots normally run from 15-45 minutes. We don't rush the process, we give a full hour to warm up and shoot all the images we can for  images you will love.

How long is a headshot session?

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic collection starts at 3 images. You can purchase additional if you wish. Need more than just headshots? We offer branding shoots to help business owners with their website and social media platforms by providing images AND content. Literally 6 months of done-for-you marketing!

How many images do we receive?

We deliver headshot galleries within 7-10 business days. The images are retouched and delivered digitally with print release.

How long until we receive images?

Scroll to the bottom and fill out our contact form. We'll send our pricing and available dates. Promise we wont' get sale-sy on you. Headshot sessions start at $325 and go up from there.

How do i book a session? How much is it?

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Staying current is just as important to stay relevant. Representing your business...this is vital.

Let's freshen the image for your business, shall we?

How will your brand change when you elevate your image?


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