My name is Lyn Larson, the creator and owner of MAHAL IMAGERY. 

I first found my career after years of mentorship and education in photography at The International Academy of Design and Technology.

For more than 15 years I have photographed people wildly in love no matter how camera shy or adventurous they are. 

As a visual storyteller, I have a deep affinity towards people‚Äôs stories. My love for connecting with people gives passport to my travels all over the world documenting love stories saturated with culture + romance. 

My style is natural + romantic + genuine imagery, first seeing with my heart and immersing myself in the moments surround. On a wedding day, aside from photographing, a great deal of my job is to make sure you can slow down and enjoy your special day.

My mission: for you to feel beautiful and live in every special moment that unfolds during our time spent together. 

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Late nights, old movies, snorty laughs, real conversation,fancy chocolate vintage furniture, copper flatware, lazy mornings, baby giggles