My name is Lyn Larson, the creator and owner of MAHAL IMAGERY. 

I first found my career after years of mentorship and education in photography at The International Academy of Design and Technology.

As a visual storyteller, I have a deep affinity towards people’s stories. All of what I do is centered around my passion to share the love, make a difference, and capture life’s bliss. And I feel these are the everlasting reminders of the kindred connections from one person to another. My love for connecting with these kindred souls gives passport to my travels all over the world documenting love stories saturated with culture + romance. 

My style is natural + romantic + genuine imagery, first seeing with my heart and immersing myself in the moments surround. On a wedding day, aside from photographing, a great deal of my job is to make sure you can slow down and enjoy this special day. My mission: for you to feel beautiful and live in every special moment that unfolds during our time spent together. 

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Late nights, old movies, snorty laughs, real conversation,fancy chocolate vintage furniture, copper flatware, lazy mornings, baby giggles