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The approach we take to curating weddings is a hybrid of Editorial and Documentary styles. We believe in gently guided photographs and capturing candid moments as they happen. Drawing from our signature style, we take the time and space to deliver images that are honest, real, and beautiful.

Crafting Elegance, Capturing Candor


While preserving moments with our methods of photography, we believe that being completely immersed in your wedding day is the most important. Relishing every moment, knowing our seasoned team orchestrates every detail flawlessly. From meticulously planned timelines to curated travel arrangements, our custom-tailored collections redefine wedding photography, leaving to you images that form a timeless heirloom of your extraordinary day. 

More than just photos...

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"It was the most peaceful, calming photo session I've ever experienced. "



focusing on your narrative

our way

revealing meaning

We focus on exploring the heart of your story, the carefully chosen pieces of your wedding that hold all the meaning — we're excited to learn what matters to you, ensuring those special touches are beautifully preserved in your photos.

gentle guidance

We're firm believers in letting genuine moments and emotions shape the final image while also crafting the ideal settings, a kind of atmosphere, to ensure that each emotion and delicate detail is given the honor it deserves.

Curating legacies

We aspire to create a customized collection and high-quality tangible items that will safeguard these extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime moments for generations to come.




focusing on your narrative

Engagements + portraits

Allow us to craft a narrative of your unique love story, capturing the essence of your connection in stunning locations. Our team, guided by a passion for creating authentic and beautiful moments, will work with you to ensure your engagement session reflects the joy and intimacy that sets the stage for your journey together. Choose from custom-tailored collections, including collaborative planning, artistic photography, and personalized deliverables, designed to suit your individual needs and preferences. Let your engagement session be the prologue to the visual story that Mahal Imagery will beautifully curate on your wedding day.

love + adventure

destination weddings

Set out on an unforgettable photography experience with Mahal Imagery's destination wedding collections. Our expertise lies in curating magical celebrations in spectacular settings across the globe. Guilty of an insatiable wanderlust, we revel in the exhilaration of bringing together breathtaking locations, captivating love stories, and joy-filled intimate moments in destinations both near and far.

celebrating you

weddings + elopements

In crafting unforgettable moments leading up to your wedding day, we offer a unique and cherished experience. We embrace the opportunity to delve into the nuances of your love story, transforming these moments into captured treasures that stand as a testament to the beauty and authenticity of your relationship. Our approach seamlessly combines the artistry of editorial composition with the candid spontaneity of photojournalism, ensuring that your wedding photography is an artful celebration of your unique connection.

Our Wedding Photography Collections are personalized to suit your preferences and desires. From detailed timeline planning and travel arrangements to the inclusion of additional events, we tailor our offerings to create an experience that resonates with your individual style and love story. With a commitment to delivering final images that transcend time, our wedding photography services promise to be a prelude to the visual narrative that will unfold on your wedding day, leaving you inspired for years to come.

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connect with us

connect with us

the process

The next 

After you’ve browsed our work and considered how our approach aligns with your vision, we’ll invite you to get in touch. When we connect, we’ll ask you to tell us what you’ve been dreaming up. We want to know it all, so don’t hold back. Tell us what made you fall in love and how you envision your wedding experience. This will be a day or perhaps a weekend that you’ll anticipate for months and look back on for years.

01. Explore

the process


We meticulously plan every aspect to create a seamless wedding experience. Whether planning ahead photographs that embrace every corner of your expansive estate venue or offering personalized wardrobe suggestions for your engagement session, we eliminate the guesswork in styling. Our touch adds a fashion perspective that elevates real-life moments.

02. Curate

the process


Our goal is for your wedding to feel mesmerizing in some ways, to help you indulge in the moment and feel completely present. We’ll direct and style when needed to capture your artistic vision, but any move on our part will be with a goal to capture the heartfelt, intimate moments. The photographs later on serve to continue that indulgence in romance, an enduring keepsake that encapsulates everything you wanted — the emotions, memories and relationships.

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