Best of the Best Photographer | MAHAL IMAGERY

I’m still in shock.

I didn’t even know I was in the running! This night was so surreal.

So, if you know me by now,  I have an affinity for gushing words. Well, hopefully this post will not disappoint. But I’m warning you, If you are squeamish around those annoying people that profess their love without restraint, you might want to stop reading here. 😂

I want to just pin my heart here to show how grateful I am for every kind word, every touching conversation, with every stranger and kindred friend. While it may seem like a short connection in passing…for me …words linger and burn into memory. These words matter to me. And if they’re words of love, I’ll never forget you.

I soulfully believe that a person is placed in your path for a reason. And in this moment, the ones that surrounded me tonight are ones that I walk with in love and admiration.

To have a circle of friends that are loving, supportive, and thoughtful in a capacity that cannot be measured is an incredible phenomenon. These friendships lift you higher, they inspire, they pull you out of the darkest moments, they make you feel valuable; and above all they nourish your soul.

I came tonight to be there for my partners. I wanted to celebrate friends who possess the tenacity and talent in their craft. Who have a humble heart and share the sentiment that it’s not what we earn but how we serve.

I squealed with un-contained excitement as I watched each of them walk up to the stage to receive their award; catching my husband looking at me with endearment – or maybe just laughing at me because I DID have a couple of glasses of wine. But when I heard the category brought up for Photographer, I saw my name and my eyeballs fell out of my skull.

And just as I finished shoving them back in their sockets I heard my name called.

No way.

Me!! Wait. I was there by chance! How in the world!?

Thank you Ocala for selecting MAHAL IMAGERY for Ocala’s Choice Photographer and Best of the Best 2018.

Congratulations to all of the Finalists and special thanks to the Ocala Star Banner for this amazing honor and event! Check out the online article here.


                                        Cell phone snapshots from that awesome night! I still can’t believe it!! Best of the Best Photographer 2018!



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