Silver Springs State Park Wedding | Linda + Jordan

Through the eyes of a 5 yr old little girl, the world is filled with pretend and play. Sharing toys can be a new concept and the boogeyman in the dark is very real. Beyond the complexities of learning about life, Linda’s was so new to her. Newly adopted by two loving parents she left her birth country to a small town in Florida.  She was surrounded by a new culture, a new language and unbeknownst to her she would meet her destiny on the first day of kindergarten. That destiny was Jordan. Later that day she told her parents about the adorable caramel skinned boy and said “I’m going to marry him”.

After 15 years of being inseparable she was true to her promise.

On her wedding day, she was the vision of what every little girl dreams of. Adorned with a gorgeous white gown with a crown of flowers in her hair. As her father led the ceremony blessing the couples marriage, she stood in a garden surrounded by majestic oaks and treasured family and friends pledging her heart and life to the man she had ever and will ever love. Linda + Jordan exchanged vows at the historic Silver Springs State Park, Fl

Even after 15 years, they look at one another as though they had just found each other.

Linda and Jordan, may you always mirror each other’s affinity and affection. How beautifully rare is a love to be shared for your entire lives! Cheers to a lifetime of more happiness and blissful moments!


Linda loves Oreos, like a deeeep affinity for them.

Linda + Jordan exchanged vows at the historic Silver Springs State Park, Fl

Linda + Jordan had a tower of Tasty-O Donuts for their guests to enjoy. They taste and smell heavenly!!


Photographer: Lyn Larson | MAHAL IMAGERY

Floral design: Heritage Flowers Inc.
Hair + Makeup: A touch of hope
Video: Kim Johnson @ Tuckland Video
Venue: Silver Springs State Park


  1. Hope Laird says:

    This day seemed magical. The sweet bride and her attendants were calm yet full of anticipation. As the hair and make up artist for Linda and her charming sister, I would LOVE to take credit for their beauty on this day…but their beauty was from within. Such a wonderful group of people!
    The photography was unique and captured every emotion…wonderful.

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