A love to celebrate in The Horse Capital of the World. Where rustic meets elegance, The World Equestrian Center proved to be the perfect venue for Sean + Elissa’s intimate wedding celebration. The Bride, a talented champion in the equestrian sport, dreamed of a wedding day where her horses could take part. The World Equestrian […]

Vineyard Wedding at Mision Lago by Mahal Imagery

Secluded by lush landscapes and lakes on the peninsula is a Tuscan inspired vineyard where Helen and Jose chose to celebrate their nuptials with the closest of family and friends. The day’s natural light served as the perfect ambient aesthetic to this couples’ classic romantic style. Family and friends reunited, traveling from the couple’s hometown […]

Ocala Wedding Photographer

Some would say it was divine intervention that brought them together.  Bettina + Carlos both grew up in Florida, went to the same university; but didn’t find each other until they moved to London. Goldberg writes: “Their first meeting may have been long awaited, but their first date was happenstance.” …Read their full story in […]

St. Augustine Wedding Venue

Sheena + Alex On her wedding day, Sheena gleamed elegance and grace. Her beau, Alex, echoed in the same fashion in his own debonair presence. Yet, the most beautiful component to Sheena and Alex’s nature is how they radiate selfless love for others. Sheena and Alex planned a destination wedding to celebrate their nuptials in […]

Chance. Most think it has a lot to do with chance when finding their person.  It’s an incredible phenomenon. How can one encounter, one meeting determine the rest of your life? For Eliana and Kyle, this chance was the beginning of their love story. Eliana and Kyle met in high school and instantly became a […]

White Room Wedding, St. Augustine, wedding photographer

A throwback to Natasha + Tommy’s Wedding at the White Room in St. Augustine, Florida.  Sometimes I meet a version of my best friend in other people. Much like spotting someone’s look-a-like in another city. From the first day we met, Natasha was radiant as she was HILARIOUS! And since shenanigans + snorty laughs are […]

Tampa Wedding photographer

Le Meridian Tampa | Boudoir How do you get just ONE thing for the man you are about to marry? How do you choose? Maybe you’ve secretly thought about this [you vixen, you]. Maybe you  need to revisit this idea again. How about give him the gift of sultry and surprise! Boudoir Sessions have been […]

South Florida Museum Wedding

I am often asked if I have a favorite wedding. To be honest, I don’t. Let me explain. For me, it’s not ever about the decor details or the gorgeous landscapes.  What resonates is how strong a connection is with the people that allow me into their lives to curate their stories. Some couples have […]

Through the eyes of a 5 yr old little girl, the world is filled with pretend and play. Sharing toys can be a new concept and the boogeyman in the dark is very real. Beyond the complexities of learning about life, Linda’s was so new to her. Newly adopted by two loving parents she left […]